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Comprehensive list of commercial and residential architects in Appleton, Wisconsin offering home, landscape and commercial architecture design services.

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Short Elliott Hendrickson
WisconsinOutagamie CountyAppleton(920) 380-2800

Short Elliott Hendrickson. SEH A multidisciplined, single-source consulting company of engineers, architects, planners and scientists. We specialize in civil works, transportation, environmental, and energy work. We provide a complete array of quality services and focus on superior service to local government, regional and state agencies, federal agencies, and industrial, energy and private-sector customers.

Biggar Development
WisconsinOutagamie CountyAppleton(920) 739-3144

If you are a strong willed personal and cannot find satisfaction with plan books, or lumber yard plan services, or if you want to improve your existing house, you should consider working in part or in whole with Curtis L Biggar, architect who has nearly fifty years of knowledge designing or building masterpieces thru-out wisconsin.

WisconsinOutagamie CountyAppleton(920) 731-2322

Hoffman is a group of expert planners, architects and construction managers with a single goal: to create physical environments that positively impact people's lives. Through our unique TPMg process, we take the classic principles of Total Project Management - single source accountability, efficient communications, and creative, cost-effective solutions - and expand them to the strength of green, delivering environmentally responsible, sustainable design solutions.

Baisch Engineering
WisconsinOutagamie CountyKaukauna (7.47 miles)(920) 766-3521

Baisch Engineering in the news. Baisch Engineering provided detail project engineering and CR Meyer was the contractor. Commodity price escalation was a challenge on this project. From...

WisconsinBrown CountyDe Pere (20.54 miles)(920) 336-9929

1st, we get involved at the strategic front end of a project. We ask why a project is being undertaken and most importantly how can we maximize the investment for a customer. Once we...

Martenson & Eisele
WisconsinWinnebago CountyOmro (22.85 miles)(920) 685-6240

Have you ever wondered why some communities have that special environment that makes it clear this is where you want to live and work and play? The answer is that it is a community...

Martinson Architects
WisconsinBrown CountyGreen Bay (26.38 miles)(920) 432-2442

Welcome to Martinson Architects, an award-winning architectural company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We're pleased to introduce you to our company and hope you enjoy your visit. Be sure...

Architects Group
WisconsinBrown CountyGreen Bay (26.38 miles)(920) 432-1232

Architects Group ltd is dedicated to designing distinctive structures that supply the image and functional efficiency our customers expect. Our unique designs contribute to the financial...

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