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Comprehensive list of commercial and residential architects in Torrance, California offering home, landscape and commercial architecture design services.

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It is a GA DESIGN philosophy that excellence in design implies not only aesthetics, but requires that a building be functional in its form, have carefully thought out systems and details, be energy efficient and be contextual to the surrounding environment.

Dean Nota Architect is an founded Los Angeles company with over 20 years of knowledge in custom domestic and commercial projects. We are situated in Hermosa Beach, a coastal suburb of metropolitan LA. Our current work includes proposals for custom domestic and commercial buildings for sites in Los Angeles and through the western US.

Architecture has been a constant theme throughout ::bryAn's life since his fascination with Lincoln Logs at an early age. :bryAn's realization that modern architecture was becoming more than just a several stops for a snapshot of a modern home, while cycling back from school. This was an impetus to pursue his devotion.

We're a design and planning group giving personalized service to personal customers, often in very fine detail and with extreme flexibility, for design and customer objectives, working per referral only. Rich Telford, Architect, and Ian Bartosik, Designer, are the two main persons running the group as a highly productive and efficient partnership.

AGA Design Group is an Architectural, Landscape Architectural and Planning company. AGA Design Group is a process-oriented company. Project analysis and potential solutions start with our proposal phase. Construction documents, planning and technical writing are all treated as design problems. Solutions are located on analysis, open-minded interaction, clear communication, and quality products.

Igloo Studios is a Digital Media company that creates immersive 3D and Video media. Check out the site to request a quote, read about our work, and view our portfolio. Igloo Designs is our architectural design services brand. Take a look at the trailer for re:Source below.

Allana Buick & Bers is a leading architectural-engineering company specializing in roofing, waterproofing, building envelope, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and energy efficiency consulting services. Our nationally recognized staff of specialists supplies innovative solutions to support repairs, rehabilitation, new construction projects, and construction litigation cases.

Project Management To coordinate the whole construction process from early planning and design through bidding and construction in order to supply customers with all services essential to an integrated and successful project. Planning To assist the customer in defining the diverse needs, the scale and range of the project.